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RE: Garage sizes

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This isn't strictly true.  

First, garage doors have absolutely nothing to do with the parking stall.

Second, forget the appraiser.  Any definition of a parking space in force at
the time of the construction would define whether or not 16 feet was one or
two stalls, (notwithstanding the practical difficulty of actually using the
thing). If, at the time of construction, the 16 foot width constituted 2
legal stalls then, by law, the garage would have to be considered a two car
garage to maintain the legal rights of the property.

To get around the concept of a "taking" of one stall when the width is
increased by code to, say, 18 feet, the garage would be designated as having
"two legal, non-conforming parking stalls"....The "non-conforming" status
would prevent any addition or alteration to the structure without compliance
to current requirements and be as clear as day to a potential buyer that
there was a discrepancy between what is required and what is in-situ.  

As to whether a non-conforming garage lowered the value of the property by
effectively eliminating one stall, that would be the time for an appraiser.


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You need look no further than the Clopay garage door company:

where a "double" garage door is 16'x7' or 16'x8'. 

But don't take their word for it.  You will find that the definitions 
for engineering and building code purposes are often at odds with the 
definitions used by the appraisal community for what constitutes the 
"Standard."  You need to refer your combatants to a certified appraiser.



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