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Re: Tilt-Up Beam Connection Detail

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                        It sounds as though the slab support angle may tie the wall panels together sufficiently. You may want to check volume changes to ensure this. If you still worry about the beam on the joint, you can call for the wall corbel to be low with an embed in the bottom on each side of the joint. Then design a thick plate that will span the joint. Or maybe the plate does not have to be thick because the beam is much wider than the joint. The corbel should be lower than the plate is thick, as the two panels will not have the same corbel elevation, so one must be shimmed. This plate can be welded (attached somehow) on one side (or both if the volume change analysis allows). It can be placed on Teflon on the other side, or just allowed to slide on the other steel. It will move nearly every day, so rust should not lock the plates together. Make sure the embeds are anchored back into the panels sufficiently that they are not pulled out by the sliding force, though.

            Jim Getaz

            Plant-Cast Precast Concrete Engineer