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OFF-TOPIC- Virginia Shootings

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I'm deeply distressed to hear about this outrageous shooting incident.
I hope all list members and their near and dear ones are okay.
We in far away India too feel the shock. It's front page news in the papers and the lead story in all the TV news channels here in India.
Some thoughts:
Thank God it was not a Muslim. That would have complicated it further and brought back memories of 9/11 and further provoked the Americans.
I have heard about debates on American Gun laws.
The gun lobby says "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"
By the same token, Atomic weapons don't wipe out populations. Enemy governments do. So why is the American Government concerned about nuclear proliferation?
The gun lobby should be told that if guns were not available, may be the killer, determined to kill anyway, would probably have used a knife but the victims would have been far fewer and they would at least have had a chance to defend themselves. With a weapon like a gun, that is so easy to aim and shoot, laws to control access to guns are necessary. The least we can do is to make it difficult to own a gun.
In India, people living in terrorist and Naxalite infested regions have a better claim to own guns as the Government is unable to protect them. Still we have laws to restrict the availability of guns. Thank God for these laws. I support them. Imagine the damage that can be caused during the occasoinal communal or caste related riot if guns were freely allowed in India. Even with sticks, stones and daggers, the damage is considerable. With guns available the consequences would be simply horrendous.
What do Americans need so many guns for? Even in today's troubled times they live in the safest nation on earth.
We in India share the anguish and pain that Americans must be experiencing.
The last time we felt so close to all you in America was on 9/11
I trust life gets back to normal soon and the wounds heal fast.
With sympathy, condolences and warm regards,

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