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Virginia Tech

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Thank you to everyone on the list who has expressed their sympathies over the shootings at Virginia Tech. It has been a combination of grief and insanity here the last couple of days. Most of the people I know have been on the net - trying to get information on what has happened, if friends or loved ones were involved, finding out what will be happening over the next days and weeks. We have also had to defend the actions of our president and police force, and I have never been so disappointed in the media. The whole community will be relieved when the spotlight is turned off.

I did not know any of the victims personally, though I knew of some of them. As you may know, one of the classes involved was a graduate class in Civil Engineering, and the professor and at least four of the students are known to be dead. I have not spoken to anyone at Virginia Tech in the CEE department except a student who was helping me on a small project, and only briefly. I'm certain they have been inundated with emails and phone calls; I do not need to add to that burden. At least one of the professors lived in my small neighborhood on the south side of town.

Please do not use this to frame the firearms debate, for or against. Here in Blacksburg, arguments from all sides ring hollow in the aftermath of the loss we have suffered. Please take your anger and posturing elsewhere. If you should have a chance, there is a rebroadcast of the convocation held at Tech on, and I suspect it will be on youtube in fairly short order. The words spoken there were timely and heartfelt. It is difficult to condense the range of emotions and feelings into a single hour, but I believe that is exactly what was done yesterday.

Again, many thanks to all who have offered their support over the past couple of days.

Jordan Truesdell, PE
Virginia Tech Aerospace & Ocean Engineering
Class of 1992

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