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That statement is totally mis-leading. The same can be said for cars and trucks and yet we require every one to undergo testing of some sort and place restrictions on those who have some sort of problem, e.g. handi-capped, colour-blindness, etc. I see nothing wrong with requiring a strict licensing regime for fire-arms.

Raymond Shreenan wrote:
Guns don't kill people, people kill people

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    The rest of civilized world never ceases to be amazed
    with America's love affair with guns.
And with America's unwillingness to do anything about it. 36,000 people are dying each year this way, most by accidents. That deranged individual was not a criminal by design, was he? Did the accessibility of guns made the world safer for him or
    anyone else?
Tell me more about the blessing of firearms... About the freedom it brings... About safety and security... And how it limits the powers of the government... And how it protects from communists... Do you really believe in this? As a young engineer in So Cal I once met an older engineer, who did. Sincerely, Gregory from Oz

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