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     I have been trying to stay out of this as no one is going to change any buddies else's mind on this issue.  The voting both is the only place where your point of view has any importance.  One point of "fact" is the myth that a both penetrating the shell of a plane will cause the plane to go out of control and crash.  One of my favorite "science" TV shows, Myth Busters, busted this myth last year. ( :-> )  On the other hand, a plane is very close quarter to have lead flying around in.
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I shouldn't even post on this, cause it's just a lose lose debate...but

Even in the old west, Wyatt Earp made people turn in their guns when they entered the city limits.

Yeah, every man woman and child needs a holster under their jackets. That's the way to go. Can we bring them on airplanes too in case there is a terrorist (well he looked like one) on board and we can shoot them in the head and depressurize the plane in the process and kill all on board?

Can I shoot someone for saying they'll yeall that they'll "kick my ass" when they jaywalk and I honk my horn at them? I did feel threatened afterall for my safety so I can draw my weapon, right?


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BRAVO Ray, I could not have said any better!!!!! Your response (below) was "published" after I wrote my note!
Tony (Antonio S. Luisoni)
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Dennis and Gary:

I totally agree on back ground checks for mentally unstable people in
addition to those with criminal records and there should be a well
established data base for ease of checking an individual prior to a gun
sale.  I also believe in limiting sales to weapons that are not assault
I have a problem with registration because if and when the anti gun people
successfully get legislation approved to mandate that all gun owners must
register their weapons, only law abiding citizens will do it and if they
don't they will become criminals.  Furthermore when and if the state or
federal government decides to confiscate all hand guns and other weapons as
they did in Australia, they will know who has them from registration records
and again, only law abiding citizens will give up their weapons leaving the
playing field in favor of criminals that will still have their weapons.
Most criminals that use guns obtain them illegally, have by passed back
ground check and their weapons are not registered. They are not caught until
they are arrested for carrying or for use of a firearm while committing a
criminal act.  Registration in that case has no effect.  Washington DC has
outlawed hand gun possession and they have one of the highest crime rates if
not the highest involving weapons.


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