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Here's the CCW map of the US

It works in more than Texas

btw I was wrong, in addition to Vermont ......Alaska has unrestricted carry carry  (holstered on your hip) was allowed in California until the late 60's

It appears the exercise of that right by certain ethnic groups scared the white majority so badly that "gun control" was necessary.       :)

The truth be told, the roots of the gun control movement in American are firmly planted in race & class discrimination.

that and an irrational fear of "others"


On 4/24/07, Gerard Madden, SE <gmse4603(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I also support the 2nd amendment. Americans should have the right to bear arms. Reasonable gun control laws are also appropriate.

I do not support concealed weapons for civilians as someone suggested/hinted as a possible solution because it "works" in Texas.


On 4/24/07, Raymond Shreenan < rshreenan(--nospam--at)> wrote:
No one is advocating concealed weapons for everyone.  In fact that is already outlawed in most states.  A license to carry is not easy to obtain and has  nothing to do with registration for purchasing or owning a fire arm. 
I'm referring to people that feel comfortable with firearms in their home and for target shooting or hunting.  Prudent fire arms owners are familiar with gun safety and wish to be able to keep them and use them for protecting family and property if absolutely necessary.  Hunting licenses in California are no longer issued to applicants who have not had a fire arms safety course.
If you don't like fire arms or you are not comfortable with having one, that is understandable.  Others prefer to keep their 2nd Amendment rights. 
Ray Shreenan
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Can snakes overtake an airplane? I saw that in a movie too.

The point is, concealed weapons for everyone for personal protection at all times, is not a good solution because it's easily misused or could have very bad unintended consequences.

On 4/24/07, Wesley Werner <wwerner(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I did see that episode as well.  Catastrophic depressurization does not occur when a bullet penetrates the cabin of an airplane.  Except in the movies…



    Is what happened to Payne Stewart's plane considered catastrophic depressurization? If it is, I wonder what it does take for there to be a catastrophic depressurization. If a bullet hole isn't large enough to cause it to happen, a fairly large component must have failed on his plane. Does anyone know what they finally determined caused Payne Stewart's plane to depressurize? .

Wesley C. Werner