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The gun lobby and apparently some on this board jump from the concept of finding and/or fashioning a reasonable set of controls to deal with a lethal problem to the red herring of the black helicopters swooping down onto the grassy knoll and disarming of the entire population. 


Are you all saying there are NO prudent governmental restrictions on these products?   Hell, the code writers are constantly tinkering with health and safety in buildings, but we can’t even discuss controls on guns?


What happened at VT was just…what….collateral damage?  Cost of doing business?  30 round clips and hollow-point bullets sold to a guy that had a history of mental illness and that’s okay with you folks?   Man, I’d guess that wasn’t quite the “halo effect” you had in mind, eh?


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Perhaps you are missing the point.......................

"The point is, concealed weapons for everyone for personal protection at all times, is not a good solution because it's easily misused or could have very bad unintended consequences"

Many states have liberalized CCW  laws and blood hasn't run in the streets.  

The fact is......most people don't / won't carry.

Plus in Vermont you can carry legally by just putting it in your pocket....again blood doesn't run in the streets

Having CCW available puts the bad guys at a distinct disadvantage....they don't know who's carrying. 

It's the "halo effect"

To the rest of us, it doesn't matter....we have no intention of doing anyone harm.