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I may disagree with your opinion but I would never call it BS.

Raymond Shreenan wrote:
No surprise to me Antonio.
Ray Shreenan

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    The problem with gun registration are many:
    Criminals could get a hold of that list and go and steal those
    registered guns from the homeowners listed address.
    Also, once guns are registered,  it would be easy to confiscate
    them if Schumer and his antigun legislators could pass a law. And
    that is what they are looking for....the first step..........gun
    registration. It happened in England and
    Australia...................and Canada is trying hard too!!!
    Gun control will only make it tougher for the law abiding citizens.
    People kill people.........with cars, knives, screwdrivers and
    whatever you can think of.
    Don't blame the law abiting citizens,  gun makers, legit gun
    dealers and amuntion suppliers for it!
It may be a surprise to you that the crime rate in Texas has gone
    down since they changed the law and concealed weapons have been
    allowed............Everybody has the right to bear arms and defend
Sorry to bring it up here but I just could not agree with some
    B.S. I was reading.
Antonio S. Luisoni

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