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Re: Let the floodgates open

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--serious part--
You didn't answer the serious part of the post - how do you incarcerate people who (a) have never committed a crime (b) are not considered so mentally unstable that they require they be committed to a mental facility? Where do you draw the line between common anti-social behavior and dangerous anti-social behavior. Cho is actually the poster child for this problem - he could be lucid and reasonable when confronted, leading to a evaluation suggesting mild to moderate depression. My mother-in-law meets that categorization, and she's a wonderful person who volunteers in the public school system - should she be permanently incarcerated based on her depressive stages?

I guess my point is that you can't lock people away because they "might" be a danger - it is more core to this country than the entire weapons debate.
--/serious part--

As for the nukes - it's the only way to truly resist your government. What, pray tell, is the second amendment for if not to protect the citizenry from an oppressive regime? That IS why it was put in there. Why limit firearms to the 18th century, when the government is clearly in the 21st. I'm being facetious, of course, but it's the only logical way to address the argument that the 2nd amendment guarantees individuals to own firearms as protections from oppression, as we currently have "well-regulated" militias in every state, and nobody brings their own guns to national guard training (at least, not as serious weapons). For what it's worth, I think firearms are fun, and would not like to see them outlawed. I also play with explosives (and have blown myself up rather severely in the past). Still fun. I'm going with "pursuit of happiness" as the basis for those, though - a part of the constitution that the CPSC doesn't understand.


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