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Re: Using steel chains as concrete reinforcement??

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I wondered the same thing at first. Nuts or undiscovered genius? But on reflection, this would be an innovative solution for retrofit reinforcing of a un(der)reinforced wall which was below an existing floor where there was no access to put a full length of rebar in from the top or sides, and an internal stiffener was impractical or would require expensive changes to fixes or loss of business use of the area. The placement would, indeed, be somewhat problematic, but with a high lift grout measured by patty size and a bit of vibration, you could probably expect a roughly vertical drop of a sufficiently heavy chain, especially if it were placed with a weighted end - say a bar with a stud or two - in 1-2 courses of grout for an initial set, then lifted taught for grouting.

It would take a special application for this to be cost effective, but I can see how there might be a significant savings over invasive reinforcement techniques.


Stan E Scholl wrote:
I don't understand why anyone would want to do this unless they had some
leftover chain since I am quite sure that rebars are much cheaper for the
same capacity. Furthermore how can proper clearance be assured when the
chair will move all over when the grout pushes against it?

Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA

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