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Re: Using steel chains as concrete reinforcement??

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Sorry for the double post, but I realized I didn't give an example:

Residential URM basement wall undergoing backfill-related cracking. First floor has a 2' cantilever over the basement level. Basement is finished, front yard has mature landscaping and pavers to within 16" of the sill plate. Add this twist - there's an abandoned-in-place oil tank in the front yard for the previous oil-fired furnace.

Total cost of structural repairs using chain - $6000
Total cost to repair from the inside with steel or carbonfiber, including repair replacement of finishes and cleanup - $10,000 Total cost to repair from the outside by excavating, cutting out block, and using bars, plus tank mitigation and new lansdcaping - $15,000

I'm guessing at the chain part (based on rebar augmentation), but the other numbers are from jobs we've been involved with. Chain looks pretty attractive if it works, from the point of view of the homeowner.


Josh Comfort wrote:
I had the same thoughts Stan.  The only reason I could come up with was if
there was inadequate clearance over the top of the wall to drop a bar in.
Nonetheless, I would make them knock out the face shells and place the bar
from the side before I'd go the "chain" route.

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