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RE: Using steel chains as concrete reinforcement??

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This appears to be applying to a new design, or is this a retrofit to an existing CMU wall?
Rebar is used for both compression and tension forces, while I am not comfortable assuming chain can do the same.
Also the alloy and yield value of a chain is not the same as ASTM A-615 or A-706 rebar.
Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar
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Subject: Using steel chains as concrete reinforcement??



I'm working on a job in which the engineer is using a novel way to

reinforce CMU walls. He's using steel chains instead of rebar, inserted

from the top and then full grouted with 4000psi concrete. I guess he's

been asked to justify the process and so he's come to us to do an

evaluation. I was wondering if anyone had come across such a situation

before and could advice us about the viability of such a process.

Just from first glance, I feel that using chains as concrete

reinforcement would lead to local stress concentrations that could cause

the chain to break or yield locally. Perhaps it might be ok to use these

chains at a lower strength value than what they're rated for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






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