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Re: Alternate design method

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I understand all of that regarding your comments.  I would still like to find an example.

I do, however, appreciate your comments and thoughts on the matter.

On 5/1/07, Scott Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:

What code are you under?  Technically, under the current ACI 318 (ACI well as 318-02), the "alternative method" (aka allowable
stress design) is no longer permitted.  ACI 318 did leave a comment in the
commentary that says that you may still use it, but the commentary
technically has no force.  The exception is if you are doing some sort of
environmental structure (i.e. tank), then you would use ACI 350, which I
believe still has the "alternative method" included.

I would encourage you to use the main provisions in the code (i.e.
strength design).  If you need examples to better understand those
provisions, then you can get PCA's Notes on the use of ACI 318.  I would
assume that they would have an example of strength design of a wall with
axial load and flexure.


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 1 May 2007, Jim Bessley wrote:

> Gary,
> Sorry for the confusion.  Appendix A in the ACI 318-95 Code.  Section
> A.6(and the associated commentary
> RA.6) states that compression members with or without flexure must be
> proportioned using the strength design methods from chapter 10 and that
> capacities are to be taken as 40% of those from chapter 10.  Section
> A.2.1says load factors and reduction factors are to be taken as unity.
>  I haven't
> had to do a lot of wall design in concrete, and I don't have any references
> or texts that provide an example for this situation with compression and
> bending using the appendix.
> Jim
> On 5/1/07, Gary Loomis <gloomis(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> >
> >  Old "alternate design method".  Do you mean working stress design?
> >
> >
> >
> > Gary W. Loomis, P.E., Senior Structural Engineering
> >
> > Master Engineers and Designers, Inc.
> >
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> > I have to look at a wall section using the old "alternate design method"
> > in concrete.  The wall section will have both lateral and axial loads.  It
> > has been a very long time since I used this method, if ever.  does anybody
> > out there have an example that I can get from you that will explain the
> > process.  The "99 ACI code uses strength design with different phi and load
> > factors, which have me confused.
> >
> > Any help would be appreciated.
> > thanks,
> > Jim B.
> >

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