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Re: Alternate design method

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It looks like a trip to the local technical library (college/university) is in order to grab an old 1970s era textbook. This is before my time - my first 318 was the 95 version, so I've never used WSD or the "alternate" method in 318-95 App A. A brief skim of the appendix makes it look a lot like WSD, with straight line strain relationships (old S = I/c). The 95/99 comment may be due to the change in load factors in concrete from 1.4D/1.7L to the ASCE 1.2D/1.6L. I'll be honest that I didn't catch the change, as I did so little concrete work back when the transition occured - I just kept using 1.4/1.7 'til about 3 years ago. Creatures of habit, we are.

You might also try used bookstores. My undergrad text was by McCormac, and I thought it much better than my grad book by MacGregor (wish I'd kept the undergrad instead of the grad book). The first edition goes back to 1978, I'm not sure if that is far enough (any takers out there on when the texts converted to LF design?). Here's a search string from for the book:

And here's a result on the first edition

for $8.50 plus shipping - you might contact the store directly to see if they could ship it to you faster than standard.


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