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RE: bay bridge

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I live in San Leandro.  I can hear freight trains and Amtrak trains and BART trains about a mile away.  But, I can’t say I, nor my wife, heard any explosion.  And, I had just gotten home from playing cards.  I would think that the sound waves would bounce up from the East Bay hills, and not make much of a peep in CV.

I wonder, though, if I can sue my dry cleaner for the busted buttons on my shirts…



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I've got to agree with Ralph that the pants story is the more amazing of the two.


Back to the freeway explosion and overpass collapse, did any other Bay Area engineers hear the explosion?  I live in Castro Valley and swear I was woken up by a huge boom that morning - not hearing another boom, I drifted back to sleep.  My wife thinks there's no way, but she sleeps like a rock.  By the powers of Google Earth it is exactly 13.21 miles, as the e-crow flies, from detonation location to my pillow.  Anyone care to back me up?



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Amazing.  Thanks!

But actually it's the lawyer suing his dry-cleaner for $67,000,000. for losing a pair of his pants that got me.  And it's actually going to trial.  And the lawyer is going to be a judge ...


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An amazing video of actual collapse.
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See what's free at

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