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Re: welding spec for appearance

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On May 3, 2007, at 7:15 AM, Andy Richardson wrote:

What specification or requirements should I use to ensure a nice looking weld. Any ideas?
Welds are basically practical things. What you really want is no spatter, no arc strikes, no pits or undercut and especially no cracking. These are all quality issues that you're going to need so the welds function. The nearest I've ever come to a specification for appearance is the term 'workmanlike appearance,' in the ASME Code, which has doubtless been replaced by a some gender neutral term by now. The AWS (see AWS web site) probably has some nice fuzzy specifications for architectural weld details.

You can also specify that the contour be ground smooth or even polished. If you're using 300 or 400 series stainless base metal there's a problem with discoloration that's sometimes difficult to deal with. I think there are procedures for minimizing discoloration-- see the Lincoln Electric web site for some suggestions about welding procedures or consumables for your situation.

If I were really concerned with this, I'd ask the welding contractor what's possible and get some sample welds to check with your architect. It may cost you a few bucks--welders don't work free, but it'll help with the architect/engineer cultural divide. Over here on the dark side we don't have architects, but we do have marketeers who offer all the same helpful commentary. ('Eeeew! That's so not, like, pretty, you know? Can't you just, like, glue it or something?')

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