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Concrete Overlay

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What is the common practice for adding a concrete overlay to a slab? We have
some 1940's era manufacturing buildings with slabs on grade with 2-1/2" wood
blocking on top. For various reasons over the years (machine foundations,
etc), localized regions of wood blocking have been removed and a concrete
overlay is added to be flush with the adjacent wood block.  I don't know how
the past overlays were done, but the procedure in ACI info I have appears to
be to rough up the existing surface, add a bond agent, then the concrete. Is
that it? Will the new and old interface "stick together" as one big slab?
How about putting anchors into the resulting slab? I called Hilti and they
didn't have an official position, but their opinion was to ignore the new
(admittedly conservative).

I rarely work with concrete so I am not sure if I'm missing something. In
addition, another engineer specified several re-bar dowels as shear anchors
for an upcoming overlay. I can't find that in any code requirement, so I'm
questioning the need to do it. As described, we aren't trying to beef up the
slab, but we also don't want the overlay busting up from forklift traffic,
machine installations, etc.



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