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Re: ACI318-05: Minimum Reinforcements

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                        I think you will find the experimental reasons for corbel design if you read Reference 11.1, as noted in the Commentary. If there was no difference in behavior with beams, Committee 318 would not have a separate section. It is different from the minimum beam reinforcement because it is a concrete shear provision: it is intended to keep the corbel from failing in shear. There is no exception for 11.9.5.

                        Asc of 11.9.5 and Asc of 11.9.4 are the same. However, there are two equations for Asc, and the larger is used, see

                        Continuous ledges are not the same. The longitudinal bars in continuous ledges help transfer point loads to more of the ledge than the width of a usual corbel. So, no, Ah is not required for a continuous ledge. The main steel, As, for a ledge is all at the top of the ledge.


            Jim Getaz

            Precast Concrete Engineer

            Winchester, Virginia