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RE: ASCE 7-05 Wind Load and Publication Costs

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On 9 May 2007 at 9:48, Donald Bruckman wrote:

> IMO, all the alphabet soup of codes should be overseen by a central
> clearing house, (probably non-governmental would work) that we could
> all subscribe to and have access to, sort of like cable TV.A
> subscription could, for instance, be added to the cost of license
> renewal that would allow access to all the relevant codes you are
> licensed to practice under. 

This approach still does not make the law available to all citizens that are
held accountable to the law.  The problem is that the law, which is/was
Uniform or across the board, is not accessible to all people who are held
accountable for building to that law. 

This is wrong.  The law should be accessible to all who must abide by it.  
This access should be free to the citizens.  Imagine,  if any ruling entity 
started making laws with criminal consequences and then started enforcing
them by arresting people and prosecuting them under that "hidden" law, but people
could know what the law said by buying in to the membership of those privy to that 
law.  There would be tremendous outcry,  or at least I would hope that there 
would be tremendous outcry.

Now, granted, the Building code doesn't make violations criminal, but the
ruling entities, may arrest your progress through a "red tag" and may impede
progress throughout the remainder of the project.  I've even had clients who
have been "blacklisted" by a building department and their other projects were
continually being halted and harassed by the bulding department's inspectors.
This type of action by the building dept. seems punitive, which is often the result
of infractions to any law.

Take Care,
Lloyd Pack

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