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Re: Chinese Building Code

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I got out of bed on the right side so I am not feeling terribly offensive to-day. We are right next door to the USA and have our own building codes. I think that calling it the International Building Code was a bit of wishful thinking on the part of the code authors, maybe even a little hubris was involved. Generally today most countries except the small ones want to write their own codes in order to promote use of their own materials, & because of local customs, & in order to keep a bunch of university professors busy and use the local idiom. Going against that trend is globalisation, where ISO standards are being adopted more & more. However from my perspective these are really more like a slot machine that allows you to put in whatever local standard you want as long as it follows the ISO rules for organisation, e.g. numbering, labelling, safety rules, wording (very important- a "guard" here may mean something quite different in Burkino Fasso), clearances, factors of safety or load factors and so on. So much for my rambling.

Gerard Madden, SE wrote:
I'm Irish.

Michel, what is the building code in Ireland?

I await a response that could be construed as offensive by someone who is a professional on this international list who is not in the USA.

HINT: Put a drunk reference in the building code or perhaps a Lucky Charms reference.

If TY Lin worked in your office, would you write that?


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    No really, and I believe it makes direct reference to the ASCF,
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        Michel....c'mon dude...not cool.

        I was waiting for that to happen...


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            Isn't it the Imtermational Duilbing Cobe 2006?

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                Can someone give me any guidance in obtaining a copy
                of a Chinese building code?  Is there a national code,
                or regional or city codes?  I appreciate any help.
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