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Re: Cost of codes (was RE: ASCE 7-05 Wind Load and Publication Costs)

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Scott, I do generally agree with you. Writing good code and references _is_ hard work and valuable. I also think it's a bit out of hand in terms of the frequency of updates, and the large number of errors which get published. That, combined with the

For what it's worth, you did say:

I would ask if you would mind the "government" taking your house and land
with no compensation. That happens fairly frequently, and it's called eminent domain. It was recently ratified by SCOTUS even when the taking was used to simply hand over the land to a for-profit commercial developer, in hopes of increasing tax revenue. Yes, the residents were paid a nominal fee for their land, but it is no different that the ICC already being paid for the past development of the code (if you fired everybody at the ICC, there would be no ongoing expenses), and no longer being required to amend or replace it.

Anyway, the original difficulty Dennis faced was the likelihood of spending several hundred dollars on publications which _may not_ have actually solved his particular problem. I'm not sure any of us feels slighted when we buy a new reference which we know will give us "the answers". It is a bit galling to realize that we pay for a "new" copy every couple of years, only to find that the changes are often less than the modifications the state makes, and offers for free. Unfortunately, I believe that tends to be the nature of the business.


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