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I agree with Don 100%... in fact, I've got a gig I get to leave work early today to go home and take a 4 hours of shredding to do tonight right after the Warriors game!

Guitar is very very difficult at first. Even for hacks like myself, something seems to click if you practice about 10 hours a week after two years of playing along to whatever music you like (in my case Metallica, Zeppelin, and Guns N Roses).

Then there are some who are just naturals. I know this guy who's been playing only 5 years and is as incredible a guitar player I've ever seen or heard.

Bottom line, it's very challenging and VERY VERY FUN! Definately suited to engineers (in fact there are 3 engineers in my band). Music is very condusive to math-inclined folks...

If your in Santa Clara, CA near the University, come on out tonight! :-)

If anyone is going to learn, get one of those 20 buck DVD's. They'll teach you the basics without going to lessons and the nice thing is you can just hit SKIP to go back if you didn't understand something @ first.

Then get GROUP Lessons....very cheap..

Rock On & Go Warriors !


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One word.  "Guitar".   Go buy yourself one, along with a few "How-to" books.  I bought one on a whim after seeing some 14 year old kid "rip it up" from his bedroom on YouTube about 3 months ago and have been addicted to it ever since.   IMO, the whole hobby is of a sort that all engineers should just love.  Its extremely complex, multi-layered, two-handed brainiac stuff with an endless learning curve and at the same time, potentially very creative, just the kind of thing we nerdy types dig on.  


Try it. Youtube has thousands of how-to-play-it videos to help you and inspire you.  Just search "guitar" and go with it.


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After Google earth and IPod Mp3 files and podcasts, the child in me is now greatly enamoured with his new toy.
I got to know of Youtube recently and got instantly hooked.
My band width at home is not enough to be able to enjoy streaming video unless the clips are very short.
The pauses during buffering detracts from the enjoyment.
I wanted to download the longer clips of interest and watch them uninterrrupted later.
I have plenty of time to download. It goes on in the background while I am busy at work.
I then happened upon a utility called YouRipper that allows one to download the clips.


I hardly ever go to the movie halls. I am sick of local TV these days.
The news is always bad, needlessly sensational and repetitive, and the commercial breaks irritate me.
I don't watch sports unless it's a one day cricket match between India and Pakistan and unless Sachin or Sehwag or Dhoni is batting and batting well.


The TV regional language soaps drag endlessly and the same characters appear in different roles in different serials and have me all confused and, since I watch off and on,  I end up asking stupid questions to my wife who is upto date on who hates whom, who loves whom and who is plotting against whom, who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys in all the serials being aired at Bangalore. She frowns in irritation at my innocent questions and signals me to keep quiet while she laps up what is offered. There's no hope of dinner till the serials are over. The commercial breaks are used by her to have a quick peek into the kitchen to stir the pot and prevent the dinner from being burnt. She is also a consultant and recounts in lurid detail over the phone a blow by blow account of the last episode that her friends missed and who call her to catch up.


I find myself going back to the PC and internet at home to entertain myself.
After attending to the mails and writing the long personal mails to friends I am sometimes left with nothing else to do.

That was before I happened upon Youtube.

After a hard day, to unwind, I want something that can make me laugh.
I have located some old comedy serials that I had enjoyed in the 1980s and downloaded them.
I now have ALL the "Yes minister" and the "Yes Prime minister" episodes safely tucked away on my hard disk in flv format, for me to enjoy again and again.
I located some episodes of "The Lucy Show" and other sitcoms like "Are you being served"
I could also locate old and very popular Hindi comedies of Jaspal Bhatti (The flop show)
My appetite for shows like these is insatiable.

Now that my tastes are clear, I am requesting list members to suggest names of shows like these that you feel I will enjoy.
The search box in Youtube will help me locate them if they are available.
I just want names of the shows as suggestions. If you can give the urls on Youtube that would be even better.
British, American and Hindi Comedy Serials are what I am looking for.
Please mail me privately to avoid cluttering the list with off-topic mails.



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