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costs of code, revisions, clarifications, seminars, programs and insurance

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Who is the majority of engineers?
Is it the independent engineer that is usually not heard from?
Is most of structural engineering not most of the design code effort?
Can more of those you know be invited to this web service?

High code costs are prohibitive.
Code changes and errors are followed with further costs for clarifications, explanations, seminars, computer programs, and unlegislated revisions.

Are letters from engineering groups and are messages on this server, read by our representatives supporting our request for code changes?

No one seems to be liable for codes, clarifications, seminars and computer programs. There are some who gain when errors occur and when the code requires explanation. It sometimes seems that the explanation is an attempt to create and to become the standard of care where the code falls short. I like to hear rationale that could be used for a particular interpretation of the code, leaving it a fact that the code is missing a direct solution.

A good code change is clear and increases safety more than the risk of an error due to the code change.

How do you feel about the partial code changes that are supposed ease us into a full change later? This is an important issue that was recently side stepped in a seminar with a reference to a bus. I would like to see an apology for that one and I would like hear what our experience is with the 1997 UBC partial step into IBC. My energy put into learning code changes has recently been greater than my constant query into the physics, the safety and construction communications.

If there are enough supporters then would it not be valuable to consider letters to legislators to support our committees? What is SEAxx successfully doing about the cost of; code, its errors and required supporting explanations and programing?

It might be more helpful if those in charge took the time to mention things on this server, from time to time, reaching out to whom they represent.

David Merrick

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