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RE: What do call your EITs?

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I passed the FE exam in NY and was issued a "Engineer In Training" E.I.T. certificate and then I immediately moved to FL where nobody knew what an E.I.T. was and I quickly found out that they referred to E.I.T.'s in FL as E.I.'s or Engineering Intern or Intern Engineer.  At least that has been my experience.  I would expect that it would be fraudulent to represent yourself as an E.I. or E.I.T. without having passed the FE exam somewhere and not having the certificate to certify that you are of that designation.
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Subject: What do call your EITs?

What do you put on a business card? Do you call them engineers? They
are, since they've graduated with a degree in engineering...but everyone
in the building trades is so picky about that title, fearful that
someone may implicitly add "professional" in front of it. Do you call
them Engineers in Training (which sounds like they might be just out of
diapers)?  Do you call them Interns or Engineering Interns, like
architects do?


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