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Re: What do call your EITs?

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It's funny how differently titles are given, even in "similar" fields. Back when I was an aerospace/mechanical engineer, the entry level position was Associate, and the top technical people were Staff, and were included in meetings where planing for the company was discussed. When I switched to AEC, the lowest level of engineer was Staff, and having the title of Associate typically referred to a partial owner, and gave you some say in the direction o the firm.

*shrug* I decided that my title should reflect what I do. Well, what I do for money - having a card that said I was the mail clerk, janitor, CAD administrator and technician, IT staff, courier, bookkeeper, and receptionist wouldn't fit on the first business cards I printed.


Bernard, Scott C. wrote:
I passed the FE exam in NY and was issued a "Engineer In Training" E.I.T. certificate and then I immediately moved to FL where nobody knew what an E.I.T. was and I quickly found out that they referred to E.I.T.'s in FL as E.I.'s or Engineering Intern or Intern Engineer.  At least that has been my experience.  I would expect that it would be fraudulent to represent yourself as an E.I. or E.I.T. without having passed the FE exam somewhere and not having the certificate to certify that you are of that designation.

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