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RE: Traprock Finish

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Thanks for the info.  I appreciate it very much.

I went to Kalman website and didn't see anything specifically for traprock
finish.  I looked at their brochure and they mention a "monorock" finish
which I assume is similar to a traprock finish.

I used to thick that traprock was just a generis name for a blend of
coarse aggregate in the concrete.  I recently learned it is just a surface
treatment of the concrete slab.  What I would like to know is how a
traprock finish differs from a dry shake surface hardener such as
Masterplate 200.  They are both put on during the finishing process and
worked into the surface.  Is traprock a cheaper alternative to a dry shake
hardener?  Is it a generic name or a proprietary product?

Thanks for any additional help.



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Can someone lead me to a good website that explains a traprock slab
finish.  IÂ?m looking for how to specify the application and a good
explanation of what it is.



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