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RE: Traprock Finish

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Matthew is on the money. Kalman is the most experienced in a trap rock finish. It is placed just prior to the final floating while the concrete is still plastic and prior to the final set allowing steel trowel finishing. With age, the floor surface is hard and will shine up like it has been polished.

I keep lauding Kalman, but they do it right. Their guys use a wheel borrow full of the magic trap rock "monocoat" and then the guys will take a square point shovel and uniformly scatter the stuff on to the surface. They will then do a final floating of the surface which distribute the stuff onto and into the surface.

This product is best applied by experienced flatwork finishers.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: RE: Traprock Finish
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Can someone lead me to a good website that explains a traprock slab
finish.  I'm looking for how to specify the application and a good
explanation of what it is.



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