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Re: Retaining wall extremes

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Long ago I had a contractor back a concrete truck up to a basement wall that had been backfilled, but the main floor slab hadn't yet been placed so there wasn't the needed support at the top of the wall.  The wall bowed inward and, like yours, was excavated and pulled back into position.  The deflection was noticeable but not a problem because it was a long wall.


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Had a contractor backfill a basement retaining wall while the concrete was still green.  The wall spanned horizontally between two side walls.  The wall bowed inwards almost a foot over a span of about 30 feet.  The contractor just took his backhoe, removed the fill, and then used the backhoe to shove the wall back into position.  Since the concrete was still green during this operation, the wall went right back into place with no cracking.  After the wall cured, cores were taken and the concrete met design strength and everybody lived happily ever after.

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