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Re: Steel factory

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On May 19, 2007, at 6:21 AM, hossein mardanlo wrote:

Has anybody any kind of free downloadable source about design of steel profiles production plants (hot and cold rolling), including mechanical and structural drawings and probably design guides?
Requests like this are really unprofessional.

First, only a fool attempts to sell a design job he can't perform. Eventually your client will find you out and realize you can't be trusted. End of infant engineering practice.

Second, it's highly unethical to copy someone else's work and pass off as your own, which is either proprietary to the engineer or the owner. In effect you'd be exchanging stolen information, which presents a real dilemma--neither of you can trust the assurances of another thief.

Third, you have no guarantee that any 'free' information you get is even worth that much, since you don't know enough about the work to do it yourself or judge its quality or suitability. Rolling mills are extremely complex projects. Material handling requirements alone for both raw material and product are demanding in the extreme if the plant is to be productive. The machinery is expensive, complex and dangerous if mishandled. Making sure the plant is both productive and safe is no job for someone like yourself, who apparently doesn't even know how to begin.

Finally, on the off chance that you're asking out of intellectual curiosity about the processing requirements, do a Google search on the topics of interest. I got 1.4 million hits when I tried--that should be enough to satisfy the daylights out of anyone's curiosity.

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