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Re: Steel factory

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On May 20, 2007, at 10:30 AM, hossein mardanlo wrote:

About google search, I am also familiar with it and have used it, but google is too general! How can you investigate all 1.4 million results! That is why such groups like seaint are existing, to discuss more proffessional experiences and exchange ideas, of course not for using illegally!
I'll stick to my guns. Your post was an outright and unprofessional request for proprietary information. The words were clear. Send you free drawings, calculations and design methodology. If you'd meant something else, like publicly available codes and standards you should have said so. Moreover you weren't asking to exchange a damn thing, nor offer to summarize for the group. You didn't even include your professional affiliation or a firm name.

As to Google, it's a standard resource and any competent engineer knows how to narrow down searches and find the information he's after, if it's available. You didn't even mention where you'd looked-- apparently you didn't.

Finally, if all people had such beleives like you, probably we still had to make fire by stones!
Better than making fire with stolen matches.

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