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RE: SAP SHELL DESIGN / Steel factory

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Excellent definition of "design".  

In the architecture world, AIA has even separated the phases into "Schematic
DESIGN", "DESIGN Development", and only after those phases do you get to the
more mundane and, I think to most of us, the necessary evil, "Construction


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hossein mardanlo

you wrote "..., but we can't say software never design."

Actually we can. Determining the size of beams and resistances of
connections is not design (even if that is a menu title in software). That
exercise is analysis and evaluation. Design is concerned with the need for
the beam and connections. To me Design proper concerns determining form and
function, and is the qualitative aspect, and initially probably comprises of
more questions than answers. Such as why do we need the beam? How can it be
supported? It is not about crunching numbers or mathematical models. Such is
the synthesis and abstraction of the real world system, it is part of the
iterative process of design, but not design itself. Design requires
creativity, imagination and ingenuity. A block of silicon doesn't have such
ability. Design is what you do before building a model in software. (but it
could be argued that is a matter of semantics). 

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