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Re: 9-11 Wackos

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I've seen some of the videos mentioned here and I agree there is a lot of ways to manipulate media to bias public reaction. This is proven everyday in television news broadcasts and newspapers.
The only thing that really haunts me is, with a controlled demolition, the 37 story Sands Hotel in Las Vegas took 17 seconds to completely collapse. With the pancake theory, the 77 story Twin Towers took 9 to 14 seconds to collapse. Does this mean that it is not possible to safely design and engineer tall buildings? What are the limits in height we should be considering in the future to insure the life-health safety issues? Didn't the engineers of the Twin Towers design with due diligence or is this kind of collapse, regardless of the cause, acceptable because of economic or other reasons?
S.Macie, P.E.

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