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Re: 9-11 Wackos

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Check this out...simply brilliant.

-g (working over the holiday weekend :-< )

On 5/26/07, Scott Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
The demonstration in the bathtub in the video was hilarious!

Adrian, MI

On Fri, 25 May 2007, Josh Comfort wrote:

> I am fascinated with the conspiracy theorists, but purely in a "have to
> stare at a car accident" sort of way.  Every day I look forward to the crap
> Rosie O'donnell spews from her fat face.  I especially liked the day she
> spouted off about how 9-11 was the first instance in the history of the
> world where fire melted steel.  Yeah, things like W16x31s and bar joists are
> natural steel formations just waiting to be happened upon and plucked out of
> the earth.
> Anyhow, for those anti-conspiracy theorists out there you may find this
> website amusing:  My
> favorite part is the embedded video about half-way down the main page.
> Josh Comfort, P.E.
> Spokane, WA
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>   As I've probably mentioned before, I'm in a band. One of the greatest joys
> of that endeavor is having to be involved in the land of MYSPACE to promote
> my band *sarcasm intended*
>   Anyway from time to time, your "friends" on this thing send you these
> messages called bulletins (like mass emails). I got one yesterday that
> directed me to a 90 minute film on youtube about the 9-11 conspiracy stuff.
>   Let me preface this by saying I think GWB is a national disgrace, as is
> the war in Iraq, but never for one second have ever had any incling that
> there was some inside job or conspiracy by the US Gov.
>   So I watched this whole video. It changed nothing in my thought process of
> what happened. However, It's presented in such a way that I think it's
> dangerous and irresponsible. I could easily see non-technical types and
> young people believing this stuff because of it's presentation and the
> general dismay young people have with current situations (and old too
> sometimes). I was able to find more stuff on youtube afterward where some
> guys from Popular Mechanics debated the two guys who made the film. Half of
> you probably already know this.
>   If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch purely for the purpose of
> witnessing how things can be pulled out of thin air by these conspiracy
> theorist as they try to insuate but never proove anything. Email me
> privately if you need to know the name of the thing, but it's not that tough
> to find on youtube.
>   I also found it extremely curious that the so-called experts they had
> quoted on their film explaining what "actually happened" none of them were
> structural engineers and the misuse of the term "melting of steel"
> repeatedly.
>   --
>   -gm

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