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Re: strengthening of floor joists with FRP's??

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How about beefing up the bottom chord with more conventional material? 

Like a 2x6 or LVL adttached with a something like SIKA Injection Gel or SIKA 31   plus .113 diameter nails  to prevent a peeling failure.

SIKA makes all sorts of repair materials, many are pastes or gels that are easy to mix & apply.....they don't run or drip as well.
(I'm not a SIKA rep just a satisfied user & specifier)

I'm a fan of FRP use, esp for adding shear & confinement capacity to R/C columns / piers but the thermal softening of epoxies makes me nervous when temps can get up beyond 130F (esp in attic or roof situations)

Additionally will the shear capacity of existing TJW's support increasing the overall capacity of the system?

Too bad about the duct work but that's one of the benefits of the TJW's.......
How many areas have penetraions?  With effort could plywood skins be worked in around the ducted areas?  And doubled up (or supplemented with sheet metal)  where the penetrations occur?


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