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Re: strengthening of floor joists with FRP's??

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I don't see how strengthening the bottom chord alone will work. Don't you have to look at the connections of the web members to the chords and how the chords are spliced if not continuous? You may be able to make the joist into a plywood box beam by adding plywood to each side of the joist and adding a metal strap along the bottom chord. Also, can you add or sister in new joists?

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                            I have a project where we'd like to
                            strengthen the existing open web floor
                            joists (TJW) due to change of occupancy
                            use.  Loads have increased from 50 psf
                            live +20 psf partition to 100 psf live
                            with no partition loading.

                            Has anyone ever strengthened these types
                            of joists using FRP's adhered to the
                            bottom chord only?? Is this even a
                            possiblity, considering the different
                            materials (i.e. wood chords, steel web
                            members, steel pins) used in the
                            joists? Presence of piping/ducting running
                            through the web spaces precludes the use
                            of sheathing the sides of the joists with
                            plywood, which was my first thought.  Any
                            other suggestions??  Thanks

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