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RE: Standard format of submission of structural design

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Years ago, as head of the structural steel department in a consultaing organization we often had sub contractors  submitting calculations to us for approval.
We adopted a uniform policy.
We asked for a one or two page summary of design philosophy like ASD or LRFD, list of codes referred to, schedule of loads, wind speeds, seismic zone considered, floor and equipment loads considered, etc etc.
For design calcs of individual elements, we only asked for a table of inputs like spans, loads etc , and a summary of output like beam size, stress, and deflection for all members.
We would ask for a typical detail calculaion of any one beam or column or base plate etc for checking if the general approach is okay.
If some computer program for the design of a member was used,  we would  ask for one sample computer  input and output sheet accompanied by a hand calculation validating the computer's output.
We rejected computer printouts. We accepted soft copies of data files and output in floppy disks if furnished but did not insist on it.
The idea was to have with us enough data for carrying out a detailed check of any member if required and for exercising some control over the vendor without burdening ourselves with voluminous data that often concealed mistakes.
Hope this helps.

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