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Re: Using Dynamic Load Information

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That sounds like a loaded question.

The simple answer is 19,000lbs. The real answer is a question: what is the design frequency. From the frequency, and presuming a damping coefficient and after determining a natural frequency for your structure, you can determine a quasi-static amplified load to add to your static load. The hidden answer is verifying that your structural assembly is not susceptible to degradation due to fatigue. Steel is good, aluminum can be bad, welds will require some careful thought.

(Did I manage to not answer the question?)

Sean Martin wrote:

Many equipment manufacturers provide support reactions where they give a static load and a dynamic load.  How do you incorporate the dynamic load information into load cases?  For example, a manufacturer simply says you have a static load of 15,000 lb and a dynamic load of 4,000 lb.  What would be the total load that you design for?




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