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Re: ASCE 7-05 Errors

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<sarcasitic mode on>

I am sure that your drawings and the spec sections that you prepare are
always 100% errors, right?  You never make a typo or have to
answer RFIs, eh?  You never issue revisions (i.e. kind of like errata or
a "new printing" of a book that fixes typos and other errors) to your
drawings after you send them out for construction, right?  And all your
calculations are always 100% correct, right?  In otherwords, you always
get it 100% right the first time, right?

And you do all that work for free, right?  (OK, so the various staffs that
do that final publishing of things like ASCE 7 don't do it for free, but
the people on the committees do in most circumstances)

<sarcastic mode off>

I am thinking some saying, but I don't fully remember it...some thing
about glass houses...  ;-)

I will note that the errata is actually an updated errata.  There was a
previous errata from Sept 2006 that was about 17 pages.  So, this update
added roughly 7 pages.  I will further note that 24 pages is not that bad
considering that ASCE 7-05 is about 400 pages long.  And it is not like
the actual errors make up 100% of each fact, on many pages,
you are lucky if the actual error (the specific added or corrected item)
makes up 1% of the printed material, with the exception of the last
6 pages, which contains Chapter C, Appendix C of the commentary that was
somehow left out of the printing of ASCE 7-05.  And even then, it is not
exactly like most of the pages of the errata are all that densely covered
with text or graphics.  The point is that the actual stuff in ASCE 7-05
that either gets changed or added or deleted amounts to about maybe 7 or 8
full pages...the additional pages are needed to so that you will be able
to find where the changes are located in the document.


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 6 Jun 2007, Garner, Robert wrote:

> I think I'm just going to go ahead and do really sloppy engineering on
> my next project - I can always issue errata, right?
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