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Re: Glass railing

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Title: Re: Glass railing
The glass railing will have a top rail, but my understanding is that the top rail is required
over at least three panels so that if one fails, the top rail can still be supported. however,
the glass panel is still cantilevered - kind of - from the corners, with four bolts in each corner

Tarek Mokhtar, SE
Laguna Beach, CA

I don't think this is going to work with just a bolt in the lower corners of the glass, your stresses are going to be way to high.  You need a continuous shoe for the glass to frame into if its a cantilever glass guardrail, and the glass needs to be about 4 feet long in the shoe to work to handle the 200 pount point load at the top of the glass railing (especially if its only 1/2" thick glass).  There are design requirements in the UBC and IBC for glass railings that a lot of people either don't know about or choose to ignore.  I have seen the glass work with a bolt in each corner it you have a continuous rail above the glass to act as the guard rail, and the glass is just an infill panel between the top and bottom continuous rails between vertical steel stanchions.

Michael Cochran SE

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Subject: Glass railing
Does anybody know of a way to calc glass panels acting as deck guardrails that are supported 
only at the lower two corners by bolts? I have seen them around, just not sure how to make them 
work, or if somebody is interested in taking the job, please email me privately 
Thanx in advance 
Tarek Mokhtar, SE 
Laguna Beach, CA 
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