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RE: ASCE 7-05 Errors

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I just started going through the IBC-2006 in anticipation of its use here in California next year.  So far, I am not impressed.  AT ALL.  From what I’ve looked at so far, the IBC is a rather sloppy document and surprisingly, in many areas, much more lax than UBC-97 ….  I haven’t even gotten into the structural stuff and I see all kinds of poor phrasing and awkward syntax, errors of omission, unreferenced requirements and other stuff that will just make my life a living hell trying to interpret in unison with a B.O..  No wonder the State of California balked at this document the first go-around. 


I also see why you guys were complaining about cost.  Seems the IBC simply references an alphabet soup of other documents and simply says, “…shall comply with ASCE-7…” or AITC or ASTM or whatever.  Meanwhile, the State of CA has two pdf documents totaling over 300 pages of amendments.  Entire chapters are omitted and re-written.




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ASCE Page 83, Section 7.7.1, Last Sentence: "This density shall also be used to determine h sub b by dividing p sub s by lambda."


p sub s is the sloped roof snow load.  They should also include the flat roof snow load, p sub f.


This apparently got by all those errata.


With all due respect, I still consider the errata excessive for a Design Code document.  And, yes, we strive for 100% accuracy in our office.  Errors are not treated lightly here.





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