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RE: Torquing of bolts by the bolt head

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I would recommend that if you in fact need the bolt to be tensioned:

1. Weld a carbon steel retainer on the structural steel. The nut is quenched and tempered and should not be welded. A carbon steel retainer is relatively easy to fabricate and can be welded to the structural steel to hold the nut in place.

2. Use a direct tension indicating washer to determine when the bolt is properly tensioned.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Torquing of bolts by the bolt head
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 15:48:48 -0400

I am connecting  several new steel beams into an existing structure.
Due to the confined space of some of the connections access to the nuts
of the bolted connections is limited. Therefore  nuts are pre-welded to
one side of the connection and the bolts are inserted by the other side.
Question? Can the bolts be torqued or pre-tensioned by turning the head
of the bolt rather than the nut.  A washer is installed on the head side
of the connection.  I don't think there is a difference as long as the
washer is installed behind the head.

Thanks in advance

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