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Re: Braced Wall vs Shear Wall

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Which ocean?  Just out of curiosity, what percentage of the total project cost is $10k -- 5%, 2% ??  Do pictures of post-Andrew Florida or post-Katrina New Orleans make any impression on your client?  Have you considered running away from the job?


In a message dated 6/11/07 9:58:43 AM, ifaeng(--nospam--at) writes:
Fellow Engineers:
I’m working on a new residence that looks like a
vertically stacked pair of railroad flats – each 20 ft
wide x 80 ft long. Here by the ocean, the design wind
speed is 112 mph. The architect’s wall plan meets the
presently allowed 2000 IRC wall bracing construction
method. By August this house comes under the 2006 IBC
and requires shear wall construction. I'd like to
provide shear walls and look for a way to convince the
owner to spend the extra $10k(?).  
Thanks for any advice,

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