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Re: turn of the nut

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I would suggest load indicating washers.......torque or "turn of the nut" are kind of secondary indicators to what you're really after which is tension in the bolt.

Turn of the nut when applied to bolts (esp longer ones) may give unreliable results due to bolt twist.

Another method, install studs in the tapped holes & use nuts on the outside....then you have a nut to use for "turn of the nut"


On 6/13/07, raincat1(--nospam--at) <raincat1(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Say I have a tapped hole, and I need full pre-tension on the bolt. How do I apply the "turn of the nut" method? How do I test representative samples as required by AISC? In this connection - I don't have a nut!

Thanks !!

Rainier C. Catubig
San Diego, California

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