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Re: Sole plate nailing -- SDS screws, shiny?

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DB (not Cooper, I presume),

You've got a problem coming your way.  Last night, at a seminar, a Simpson Co. rep proudly showed off their new, improved, unshiny SDS screws with a very DULL "organic" coating that reportedly has better corrosion resistance and will replace their existing shiny SDS screws as soon as they run out of stock.



In a message dated 6/14/07 9:02:28 AM, bruckmandesign(--nospam--at) writes:
I therefore exclusively spec SDS screws because it’s a specific after-erection activity.  Mentally for the carpenters then, it becomes more like installing HDs and straps and less like wall framing and nail off.  Also, when I conduct structural observation visits, through all the sawdust the debris, I automatically either see them or I don’t, cuz they are nice and shiny.

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