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RE: Sole plate nailing

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From: Josh Comfort [mailto:jcomfort(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 9:48 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: RE: Sole plate nailing


I use that too, but that detail isn’t always possible. 


In addition, I heard somewhere that there is some issue with cross grain shrinkage of the rim affecting the transfer by bowing the plywood and/or splitting the rim.  TRUE? Anyone else hear that?  Anyway,  I try to limit the lap of the plywood onto the rim to a max of about 3” for this reason.  Trouble is, that means the plywood must be cut to size and sometimes what I get is a fully lapped uncut sheet and 6 trillion nails all over the face of the rim and a look from the carpenter like, “What, now lots of nails ISN”T good?”.



I prefer using LTP connectors on the face of the wall or, when possible, just extending the shearwall sheathing down onto the rimboard.


Josh Comfort, P.E.
Spokane, WA