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Re: turn of the nut

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On Jun 14, 2007, at 12:28 PM, Michel Blangy wrote:

Has anyone used any of the software available from Boltscience? I have been playing with a few of the demos this morning. I am quite impressed and am interested in the opinions of any other users. The demos are downloadable directly from the website: http://

Before you make any final judgments take a shot at understanding the limits of predictability for bolt preloading, starting with prediction of applied loading for a given fastener to installation practices and service performance. Unless you take some pretty draconian measures to tighten bolts, like using pretensioners and very careful control of thread and surface conditions and lubrication, you may not accomplish what you think. Get hold of a copy the the NASA Fastener Design manual (NASA Reference Publication 1228) for a good discussion of the topic.

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