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Re: Sole plate nailing

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It took me three readings to figure this question out. Not you fault - I promise - its just that hit on several sore spots at once. Tell me if this example is what your looking for: When you nail a plate to the deck, the nail first penetrates about 3/4" of plywood, and then penetrates (nail length - plate - 3/4") into the joist or rim.  As a result, a 3.25" nail will only penetrate 1" into the joist or rim, which is less than the full 10D required for full value. For the NDS 2005 tables, 6D is the minimum penetration, so for a 16d common, hand driven nail, the penetration into the member below the subfloor is not sufficient for the NDS.

In my opinion, the subfloor should count as penetration into the main member. It just so happens that your main member is now a composite material, but by taking the lower of the two densities you should be okay (most engineered G is around 0.50, right? matches DF, lower than SP, higher than HF or SPF).  This, of course, has a caveat - the connection between the subfloor and the rim must be sufficient to transfer the load applied.

BTW - does the west coast have a different NDS? Mine (in the tables, note 3 iirc) says 10D penetration and 6D minimum, same as wood screws, or is there something somewhere else

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When a sole plate for a wall is nailed to a wood floor, is the plywood on the joist or rim joist considered a part of the nail penetration or does the required penetration have to be into the joist or rim joist? UBC requires 16d's but with a 15/32" or 19/32" plywood floor diaphragm and a 1.1/2" sole plate, the 1.94" (12*D, NDS) required penetration into the joist is not met. NDS 12.3.4 specifies the penetrations is "..into the main member.."
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