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Re: Steel Properties for SAE 1045 at Higher Temperatures

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On Jun 15, 2007, at 6:09 AM, Brian S Bossley wrote:

I am in the process of analyzing a drum-type dryer at high temperatures (1000 degrees F), can anyone give me some guidance on where I would be able to find out how to figure out how the steel will behave at this temperature?
Typically carbon steel isn't used above 800 or 900 deg because you're starting into the creep range. There are also some metallurgical changes that take place in addition to alteration of properties attained by heat treatment. I did some checking around in ASME/ASTM material specs and didn't find anything like design properties, I expect because the mechanical properties vary so much with cold work and thermal treatment.

Your best bet is likely to be the ASM Metals Handbook, but don't expect design properties--_Metals Handbook_ generally addresses metallurgy, including typical mechanical properties. There are ASTM specs for carbon steel bars with room temperature mechanical properties in various conditions that might allow you to infer high temperature behavior from the ASME Code allowables, but you'll have to do some digging.

You haven't mentioned welding, but it's never a good idea with 1045, and an even worse idea for machinery.

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