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RE: Dumb Question

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According to the dictionary, "rhetorical" means ...

[adj]  concerned with effect or style of writing and speaking; "a rhetorical
question is one asked solely to produce an effect (especially to make an
assertion) rather than to elicit a reply".

This is my understanding.  I.e. some sort of posed supposition, somewhat
unnecessary, but (possibly) a strategy to have someone else get involved in
the thought/idea without actually inviting them to be ...

I take it that Bill sees through that plot and, likewise, I have often
wondered (internally) why the question was even submitted ...

Thor T

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On Jun 15, 2007, at 6:01 PM, Bill Allen wrote:

> Rhetorical questions.
> I hate those.
They only have one answer: 'I assume that's a rhetorical question.
Anyone else?'

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